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Together for quality. Forward together. Together for sustainable growth. That's Xelyo. We are a network of professionals active in over 200 different organisations. We share the same mission.

Our mission

Xelyo connects those organisations that believe in quality as a sustainable lever to do better tomorrow than today.

Our vision

Xelyo aims for a sustainable future in which organisations are permeated by quality.

Our values

We realise our mission and vision based on our four values. They are our compass to do better tomorrow than today.


Xelyo connects everyone who strives for quality. We exchange ideas to embed quality in a sustainable way. We form a safe and close community in which we inspire and learn from each other. This is how we push each other forward.


We inspire and stimulate each other through our networks and activities. We explore innovative ideas together. We look for solutions to challenges. We motivate each other when we encounter resistance. In this way we encourage each other to do better tomorrow than today.


Knowledge about quality and sustainability is our guiding principle. Insights from practice are our touchstone. Together we discuss new insights and exchange experiences from our own diverse backgrounds. In this way we ensure a reliable and credible view of quality. A view that works in practice.


Big or small. With or without experience. Anyone who works on better quality within an organization can become a member. We are different but we share the same mindset. We challenge each other to achieve quality goals and to grow sustainably. In this way we take steps together towards better quality.

Our history

For more than 35 years, Xelyo has inspired an ground breaking view of quality, innovation and talent in their mutual relationship.

Xelyo was founded as the Flemish Center for Quality Assurance in 1985 by Gaston Geens, chairman of the then Flemish government. For more than 35 years, Xelyo has inspired an innovative view of quality, innovation and talent in their mutual relationship. Over the years, the organisation evolved from a knowledge center to a membership organisation with more than 200 organisations.

Today the Flemish Center for Quality is called 'Xelyo'. Our network connects organisations that believe in quality. Based on the values of connectedness, inspiration, credibility and inclusiveness, we inspire each other to do better tomorrow than today.

Since its foundation, the following chairmen have supported Xelyo:

  • 2019: Jaak Van Royen
  • 2009: Johan Vermeersch
  • 2006: Ingrid Lieten
  • 2004: Geert Bruyneel
  • 1997: Marc Clockaerts
  • 1992: Julien de Wilde
  • 1989: Michel Steyaert
  • 1985: Marcel Dierckx

Quality across borders

Xelyo is a strong international network thanks to the knowledge and experience we share with partners all over the world.

Xelyo itself is in contact with dozens of international quality organisations. We actively seek out creative “good practices” or new insights into the challenges identified by our members. Through our network we reach out to and bring together experts for conferences, webinars, articles for the website.

Xelyo is a member of the European Organisation for Quality (EOQ), which unites European countries around the concept of quality. In addition to these European contacts, Xelyo has collaborations and partnerships with CAQ Shanghai Association for Quality (China), MQQ Quebec (Canada), IAQ (International Academy for Quality, ASQ (USA) and EFQM.


Your contacts at Xelyo

If you also want to improve the quality of your own organisation or if you still have a question, you can contact:

An Kint



You can contact me about Xelyo and all its opportunities for your organisation.

[email protected]

+32 (0)496 55 07 07

Thomas Sear


Content & Communication

You can contact me for your practical questions about content, events and the Xelyo communities.

[email protected]

+32 (0)477 47 54 98

Jasna Hellemans


Finance & Administration

You can contact me for all your questions about administration and invoicing.

[email protected]

+32 (0)494 76 34 20

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