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Growth and optimization with EFQM

Do you want to move towards a sustainable future with your organization? With EFQM you will integrate sustainability, quality and excellence in your strategy and processes. EFQM offers the framework to measure your organization against the strongest in the world and to achieve long-term success..


How can EFQM ensure sustainable success for your organisation?


EFQM has been helping organisations achieve long-term success based on excellence for 30 years. The model contains the latest, proven insights into sustainability, quality and excellence. You get a clear picture of where you stand compared to other organisations and which paths you need to take. That way you know what to do to do better tomorrow than today.

Unlike standards, the model focuses on long-term processes in your organisation that ensure growth and success.

Getting started with EFQM


1. Sign up for a training and discover your advantages  


Learn how to get started and discover the benefits for your organization in an exclusive, and fully digital, EFQM Foundation Training. In this training you will learn about the latest EFQM model, the recognition process via the RADAR method and the advantages of an EFQM recognition.

Non-members sign-up for this training for €620 (excl. VAT). Xelyo members enjoy a discounted rate of €495 (excl. VAT). Mail to: [email protected] for your unique discount code.


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2. Request an assessment for the EFQM label 


Have your organization evaluated and officially and internationally recognized by our EFQM assessors. This EFQM assessment examines your entire organization with the updated EFQM model. The better your processes match the model, the more stars you earn. At Xelyo you can have your score recognized for 3 to 7 stars with the label Recognised by EFQM. (In the context of social work, it is possible to apply for or retain subsidies through the Flemish Government after obtaining this recognition.)

Xelyo always tailors offers for assessments to the size and complexity of the organization.

Request your recognition


The EFQM model in a nutshell


After a thorough makeover, sustainability and innovation are fully integrated into the model. Below you will discover, in brief, how the model works and where the focus lies.


The 5 values of the EFQM model


The model helps to drive transformations in organisations in a world where analytics and forecasting are constantly changing.

Flexibility & Dynamics  

No two organisations are the same. Therefore, the model is adaptable to any organisation, regardless of size or industry. 

Transformation & Performance

The EFQM model creates added value through a proven framework to drive performance and transformations towards greater success for your organisation.


The model engages leaders at every level of your organisation to strengthen collaboration in every team for every project.


The company culture stimulates the employees of your organisation to achieve goal-oriented and sustainable success.

Investigate – assess – improve

Find out where your organisation stands:

  • How agile is your organisation really?
  • What is your position within the ecosystem?
  • How good is the quality in your organisation and what is its potential?

Evaluate your organisation with three simple questions:

  • Why – your organisation's raison d'être, purpose and strategy
  • How – the interpretation of the raison d'être, the goal and the strategy
  • What – the achievements and the sustainability of the organisation

Detecteer wat moet verbeteren:

Distribute 1000 points across different focus areas and discover good practices and shortcomings.

  • Set the framework to transform and improve your organisation.
  • Get started with the system of points to improve and reach a higher level.

In short, with the EFQM model you have a powerful tool to help you and your organisation do better.  

Fill out the form and start your digital training today.

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