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The Xelyo Business Excellence Award

Xelyo aims at organisations that want to do better tomorrow than today. Continually achieving better results in a consistent manner is only possible thanks to those people who, due to their passion for quality, are the driving force behind their organisation.

Excel and inspire!

These 'role models' are an example of the pursuit of improvement and excellence. Every day they ensure that quality is integrated throughout the organisation and by all its employees.

The Xelyo Business Excellence Award recognises and rewards these people who not only attach great importance to quality, but who also achieve demonstrable results. Quality is the common thread in all their long-term businesses.

When assessing the files, the jury, consisting of former winners, always looks at the underlying strategy and the results that ensue. It is important that the person is recognised by leadership within their own organisation as the driving force behind the improvements within the organisation.

Business Excellence Winnaar Gratiënne Sioncke

5 reasons to apply for the Xelyo Business Excellence Award 

Winning the Business Excellence Award offers the perfect opportunity to recognise the driving force behind improvements within your organisation! There are several opportunities associated with this award:

  • It creates greater support within your own organization
  • It creates awareness about the improvements and the results that ensue
  • It is a great way to give recognition to your work, for which sometimes too little space and time is made.
  • As a participant you have the chance to examine your projects in a different way, through the feedback of a very experienced jury
  • The Award is the highest distinction of Business Excellence in Flanders

Are you driven by quality, do you succeed in getting your colleagues to join in that passion for quality, can you demonstrate that you are guided by a strategy and co circumstances, there will be no Xelyo Business Excellence Award in 2022.. The guidelines for the Award 2023 will soon be published.  Would you like to submit your candidacy before 2023, or would you like more information about the award? Please contact An Kint.

Participating to the Xelyo Business Excellence Award

Due to practical reasons there won't be an award in 2022. Guidelines for the 2023 edition will follow soon. If you'd like to apply for the Xelyo Business Excellence Award 2023, or would you like to receive more info? Get in touch with An Kint.

For us it was a unique opportunity to evaluate and put all our processes on paper... which in itself offers opportunities to launch new processes and keep questioning yourself. That alone already contributes to the quality of your product and your processes.

Gratiënne Sioncke, CEO of BORGinsole & winner 2020


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