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What is quality?


The Xelyo Quality pillars 


Xelyo does not believe in one definition of quality. We believe that quality is intrinsically linked to the pursuit of excellence. Do better tomorrow than today.

Creating a quality culture of getting better requires knowledge and training, but above all learning to enjoy improvement as an accomplishment by itself. Not everything will always work out, but we can always learn and do better next time. Taking time to look at what you have already achieved is an integral part of that

Mission Driven

Why do all this? The mission statement reflects the core values of the organisation and is an important motivator to keep doing what we do better.

Customer centric

The essence of quality is the pursuit of added value for the customer. A focus on efficiency at the expense of customer experience will always be detrimental to an organisation in the long run.


Our common knowledge on improvement can be relied upon to give our sustainability projects a greater chance for success. Furthermore, it can push the organisation's boundaries by contributing to a more sustainable world.

Increase learning capacities

Learning from mistakes, staying curious and being open to new techniques and ways of working create an active, rather than passive environment. Lifelong learning is not a burden, but a pleasure.  Effective organisations succeed by encouraging this approach.

Aware of waste and scarcity

“Too much” is dealt with quickly, but “too little” can also lead to quality problems in an organization. Conscious attention to the way resources are distributed and employed is critical to quality.  

Making the most of talent

“An organizational culture can arise from what people do if you don't tell them what to do”. Investing in people's talent increases everyone's knowledge and involvement in building a culture of continuous improvement.

Efficient effectiveness

“Doing it right” refers not only to quality but also to cost and speed. Considering the effectiveness of each activity is therefore at least as important as the efficiency with which it is carried out.

Open to innovation

If there's one thing we should keep from childhood, it's the ability to gaze in wonder at the world around us. But innovation is only useful if it leads to greater effectiveness, added value for the customer and the organisation.

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Quality according to Xelyo



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